I suppose it all started over the winter holidays while reading Atwood’s book Alias Grace. It was set in the 1880’s and the main character was always sewing, mostly quilts. I have never sewn but I like the idea of quilt and blankets in general. I didn’t want to get a machine and discover that I hate sewing. Plus I have a tiny apartment so where would it go? So I drafted up a plan (on engineering grid paper of course) of a large pieced tree, calculated the amouts of fabric and headed off to Dressew. Here is my computer plan (go paint!).

tree quilt plan

I didn’t realize that triangles are so much more difficult than squares so at least half of the quilt is triangles – yippie! I cut all the squares, got my needle and thread and began to sew while watching old scifi tv. Sewing by hand is slow. Really freakin slow. However, I was able to easily take in on the go and got quite a bit done on the ferry. A couple of months later:

tree top quiltSorry my pictures are poor quality, I only have my crappy phone camera during the day with decent lighting, and a good camera a night with poor lighting.

tree top quilt detail
I have the backing (peaking animals like in the center), batting (wool) and hand quilting thread (blue and white). But right after completing this top quilt, I thought “Hey, I deserve a sewing machine!” So I bought one. And now I am basking in the joy of my new toy. I will hand quilt this sucker when I have the time. I am graduating in a month and will likely be unemployed so stay tuned for the joys of learning to hand quilt!