I live in Vancouver  Canada. It isn’t a tiny place so there are several fabric stores around. However, the selection for nice cotton fabric is somewhat limited or expensive. I won’t say I hate shopping in real life stores for fabric, but I find it very overwhelming and tiring.

The fabric I love is more easily found online.  Probably the most annoying part is trying to find everything you want in one (impossible!) or two stores. Unfortunately most of the good deals are from stores in the US so shipping cost and time goes up to approximately 2 weeks! Ouch. But I do like to browse around online while procrastinating and it is hard to keep track of all the various stores, so I have decided to do some record keeping here for my own future reference (and anyone else interested).

Expect general reviews from stores where I have made purchases – online or around the Vancouver area. You should also prepare yourself for graphs (ie total cost vs # yards, comparisons of shipping speed, etc) because that is just how I roll!