Two Sundays ago I went on a fabric ordering frenzy. I placed orders at three different online fabric stores – Pink Panda Fabrics, Hawthorne and Pink Chalk. I thought the Pink Chalk order might get here the fastest because it is located just outside Seattle which is very close geographically, but across the border. However, the Canadian Pink Panda won the race even though it is in Ontario.

The main draw to Pink Panda was the free shipping to Canada. 5% off orders over $50. Shipping is free to the US for orders over $99, but I suspect their main business is in Canada at their prices, except maybe for some speciality items. Remember to factor in sales tax Canadians!

The standard quilting weight cotton cost is $10.99/yard. Even with shipping included, this price is still more than most American stores with the US and CAN dollar equivalent. However, some of the more expensive fabrics are a good deal. They carry Etsuko Furuya by Echino and some fabrics are currently on sale for $16.15/yard.

I bought a yard of minky for $14.99. The same fabric was $16.99 at local Dressew. I got 1/2 yard green and 1/2 yard blue.

Total time to receive the package was 8 business days. The packaging was a standard plastic envelope. It didn’t fit into my tiny mailbox so I had to go pick it up.

I brought the package home, opened it and measured the fabric. I don’t know if people usually measure, but I don’t have a good sense for size yet so I do. First I measured the green fabric. 3/4 yard. Then I checked my order: yes, it was 1/2 yard. So I measured again. Yes, 3/4 yard.  Bonus? Maybe it was to make up for the wonky cut of the blue fabric (end of roll I think, slightly over 1/2) which also was a little dirty in one spot (looks like 4 grubby finger prints). It should wash up okay, but someone needs to wash their paws after lunch!

Overall: I have only tried Pink Panda once, and overall it leaves me with a so-so feeling. It does seem to get here a bit faster than the US stores on average. The included shipping is nice because I don’t have to trying to stay within a shipping bracket. I also don’t have to try to milk the most out of the shipping and I don’t feel bad ordering from this store as well as another at the same time. The fabric cut was generous yet sloppy. I am tempted to get some Echino, but I definitely don’t want any messy fingers on that! But I wouldn’t say no to a little extra…

Update June 5, 2010: I ordered a couple yards of Echino fabric for $16.15/yard which included shipping in Canada. I received the package in good condition in 5 business days. The cut was accurate and the fabric was clean. I would order sale fabric from Pink Panda again.