My first online fabric buying experience was with uberstitch. Actually, my second experience was with uberstitch as well!

The first time I bought 2 yards to back my tree quilt (I will get around to that soon…)

Cost: $15.50 + $4 shipping to Canada = $9.75/yard

Shipping costs seem to be pretty standard. This order took 10 business days to arrive, 2 weeks total. Since the store is in Florida, the wait was expected. The package even managed to be stuffed into my tiny mailbox.

The second order was for a bunch (16) fat quarters plus two 1 yard cuts and a half yard cut. One of the yard cuts was on sale for $7. The main reason I went from this store was because they carried Andrea Victoria from Riley Blake (for a ‘mom’ quilt) and they cut fat quarters. I also bought my prints for the traffic quilt in this order.

Not only do they cut fat quarters or 1/4 yards, it is 4 for $7.75! If you want less than four it will be $2.25 each. But back to the main point, $7.75 for four fat quarters is the same as the yardage cost. Most places I have seen charge a pretty premium for FQ packs. They also have no problem mixing and matching.

Cost: $15.50 + $4 shipping to Canada = $9.32/yard (Note: 1 yard was on sale)

The fabric arrived in one week! One week? Seriously? I guess it hopped over the border quickly this time. Really the fabric stores have no control over the US/CA postal service. The fabric was nicely cut and folded. I had forgotten how many FQs I had ordered and unfolding them was a fun surprise. Everything was placed neatly inside a brown paper bag.

Overall: I recommend uberstitch if they have the fabric you like. They do carry some nice lines, but the selection is very small compared to some bigger stores. The standard price is $7.75/yard which I find to be low-average. They will cut custom fat quarters for 4/$7.75.