I finished off school. I was offered a job my first day of unemployment so I don’t have to eat into my sewing time with job hunting. I have 6 weeks off to try and get as many projects finished or started as possible. However, the last week has been jam packed full of visiting and celebrations! It is driving me nuts and I have only gotten a couple hours to myself to sew.

I was finally able to finish off the bird dress. Company came over just as I was hemming it, but I was rude and finished it off. I still need a model to try it on. It should be a size 2/3 so my 7 month old niece might be too small!

Bird Dress - Front


\Bird Dress - Back


Bird Dress - Neck

neck detail

I am guilty of rushing and making stupid mistakes here. When sewing on the front yoke, I didn’t make sure it was flat and sewed the sucker together! I probably should have used that piece of the back of the front yoke, but I just ripped the stitches and continued on. On the right side there was a little pucker. I am hoping these mistakes are less noticeable after wearing in. On the plus side, the back yoke went smoothly so I think the next dress/shirt will be much easier to pull off.

Bird Dress - Acorn Button

acorn button

It was my first time making button holes. I tried it out on a scrap and it went well so I moved onto the dress. The first hole worked out perfectly. The second one went wrong twice! I don’t really know what happened there. I just ripped it out, took a deep breath and tried again. Overall, I think they look fine. I love the acorn buttons I found at Dressew!

I still love the french seams!