The babies came to visit! I turned over my stash of handmade clothes. The dresses are too big for baby, but the mushroom top and octo jacket were put to use.

Mushroom Shirt in Action

Here is 7 month old baby F rocking the size 2 mushroom top over a black onesie. Plenty of room to grow.

Mushroom Top

Chilling on the traffic quilt.

As expected, the 2 yr old was slightly harder to pin down for pictures. He put on the jacket and at first all I saw was…

the back!

the back!

See what finally slowed him down after the jump…

A fallen branch from the wind storm

Because sticks are awesome!

And a snack. The jacket was soon covered in yoghurt.

I made the jacket big so it would fit in the fall/winter, but it fits now with the sleeves rolled up. The next day he wore it with the brown print side out, but I couldn’t take any pictures as I was sick with a sudden flu. Today it went through the wash and it is hanging on the line to dry as I type. Time will tell if it can survive for baby F to wear…