Hello Lion Kimono! You are AWESOME! I would like to take full credit for the level of awesome achieved by this kimono, but 90% of it comes from the fabric. The fabric is a double gauze Japanese import from Echino. Bright turquoise, yellow clouds, hidden birds and, of course, lions!

I have made this pattern before from Habitual. In fact, it was my first time on a sewing machine.

I made it size 4T to leave some growing room for my little lion aka 2.5 year old nephew. Recently he climbed a rock hill and roared, scaring the nearby drinking teenagers. I hope he likes it!

Lion Kimono Front

I think the lion placement works well. Using such a large scale print would be difficult for a baby sized kimono.

Lion Kimono Back

And two lions on the back as well.

Now that I know how to properly sew on binding, it was much easier to sew the binding around the shoulders compared to my last try.

Lion Kimono - Detail

Sneaky hiding bird!

I used linen for the ties. It was my first time using linen and I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. It was also my first time using double gauze. All my troubles sewing this kimono resulted from my lack of experience with the materials.

Notes on double gauze and linen after the jump…

100% linen is strangely soft and slippery compared to my usual 100% mid weight cotton. It was awkward trying to cut  2″ strips to make the binding. The fibers are stronger but fray easily. I had to zig zag both ends of the ties to prevent them from pulling out. I would also try pinking the edges before pre-washing next time.

Double gauze is very soft and light weight. It was actually two layers of gauze connected on a grid by tiny threads in between the layers. The edges unravelled more than I expected. I should have used a slightly larger seam allowance, next time I would go with 1/2″. I wonder how well the delicate fabric will hold up when a rough and tumble little boy is wearing it.

I am actually really worried about my zig-zag seams. I was planning to use french seams, but the pattern maker said you can’t due to the inverted corner. However, I just saw a blog where they used french seams for this pattern! I should have just went with my sewing instinct. Oh well, I can always make another…