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In two weeks I will be done my formal education for good. All I can think about is a joyful summer of unemployment sewing, quilting, riding bikes in the sun, lazing around the beach, walking around various old neighbourhoods, travelling around the country… Hot damn it will be awesome!

Unfortunately I have to get the next two weeks of horror show.  I am currently writing a report due tomorrow (40 pages and counting) so of course I just solved a crafty dilemma I have been facing.

How the hell do I make a giant queen or king size quilt on my tiny sewing machine? The significant other as been annoyed with the baby quilts – we are baby-less – and would like a quilt for our bed. I would too, but it seemed ridiculous until I thought…
Quilt as you go! So the plan:

  1. Figure out HOW to quilt as you go
  2. Plan a quilt design that will get approval from the SO (For size I am thinking 3×3 quilted sections that are roughly 36″x36″)
  3. Hum over fabric
  4. Buy fabric
  5. Sew, quilt, repeat
  6. Combine to make giant quilt
  7. Bind
  8. Stay in bed for several days enjoying my quilt!
Work through the pain.

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