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Today is my last day of vacation before starting my new job. I thought I would take  virtual stock of what I managed to sew during my vacation. Most of these items are long gone from my home because I like to make tiny clothes and I don’t have kids!

I really liked the circle dress/top pattern by that*darn*kat. Or maybe I just wanted to sew it without making any errors! Either way, I made five: two size 3 dresses, one size 2 top and two size 2 dresses. I opted to use prints for the body and solids for the neck and hem. I also prefered the look of a single button on each shoulder instead of two. I think it is easier to get done up and you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong button hole!

Here are my blog posts on these dresses:

I like all the prints for these dresses, but my favorite is the Giant Octopus in Natural. In fact, I love it so much I bought some more for my stash!

The most involved project was definitely the Octo Reversible Jacket for my nephew. The lining and arm also featured octopi.

Another ‘boy’ project was the Lion Kimono. I don’t understand the issue with dressing little girls in blues, greens and other ‘boy’ colours. I am sure my niece will rock this kimono if it survives her brother.

Vacation Creations

1. Bird Dress – Acorn Button, 2. Octopus Dress – Button, 3. Mushroom Top, 4. Bird Dress 2.0 – Acorn Buttons, 5. branches dress buttons, 6. Octo Jacket – Blue Front, 7. Octo Jacket – Brown Side Open, 8. Mushroom Diaper Cover, 9. Lion Kimono Front, 10. Echino Pillows, 11. Tea Cosy, 12. Sophie’s New Seat and Cover

Non-clothing projects: Pillow covers, improvised tea cosy, bike seat cover, scarf

I finished off school. I was offered a job my first day of unemployment so I don’t have to eat into my sewing time with job hunting. I have 6 weeks off to try and get as many projects finished or started as possible. However, the last week has been jam packed full of visiting and celebrations! It is driving me nuts and I have only gotten a couple hours to myself to sew.

I was finally able to finish off the bird dress. Company came over just as I was hemming it, but I was rude and finished it off. I still need a model to try it on. It should be a size 2/3 so my 7 month old niece might be too small!

Bird Dress - Front


\Bird Dress - Back


Bird Dress - Neck

neck detail

I am guilty of rushing and making stupid mistakes here. When sewing on the front yoke, I didn’t make sure it was flat and sewed the sucker together! I probably should have used that piece of the back of the front yoke, but I just ripped the stitches and continued on. On the right side there was a little pucker. I am hoping these mistakes are less noticeable after wearing in. On the plus side, the back yoke went smoothly so I think the next dress/shirt will be much easier to pull off.

Bird Dress - Acorn Button

acorn button

It was my first time making button holes. I tried it out on a scrap and it went well so I moved onto the dress. The first hole worked out perfectly. The second one went wrong twice! I don’t really know what happened there. I just ripped it out, took a deep breath and tried again. Overall, I think they look fine. I love the acorn buttons I found at Dressew!

I still love the french seams!

Last night I used my yard of Sweet Savannah in Turquoise by Etsuko Furuya to make covers for two pillows. The fabric is a linen cotton blend and much nicer than I expected from looking at the pictures  online. My first time making pillows and I decided to use the most fancy and expensive fabric I own. Craftastic!

When measuring I discovered I could do both pillows only if I did simple non removable covers. I guess I could have used zippers but company is coming today and I didn’t have any! I did the larger square pillow first by sewing the front and back piece together. For the rectangle pillow, I used one continuous piece because I was conveniently left with the (mostly) correct size.  I finally learn how to close up by hand with a hidden stitch! Now I will be able to finish the bindings on my quilts without visible stitches.

Here they are:

Echino Pillows

Echino Pillows

In the future I would probably use fuller pillow forms and work on getting the corners nice and square. Or maybe not, if I am fast crafting.

Work through the pain.

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