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Oh Dressew!

If you sew and you live in Vancouver I bet you know this place.

As I live near downtown, the biggest perk for me is that it is very convenient for me to get to Dressew. My crafty friend also works right by here so I am easily tempted to meet up for a quick fix.

Fabric: The fabric selection isn’t great for my tastes. They don’t have much on the 100% cotton front. The nice printed cotton tends to be around $13/m. There are a few solids around $6.99/m. In a bind I will buy some so so fabric. Of course they have a large selection of other types of fabrics from other fibres, but I don’t use those so I can’t really judge the quality. The clearance section downstairs sometimes has something worth while. I got some herringbone for $4/m to make cloth napkins. My friend also got some to make kids jackets.

UPDATE May 4, ’10: They added a bunch of Michael Miller, mostly dots and stripes.

Notions! Walls of buttons, zippers, buckles, needles, ribbons, tools – they have it! Sadly they don’t carry cotton thread. Grrrr!

UPDATE May 4, ’10: They now have cotton thread! Either I couldn’t find it before or they expanded their selection. I am still not sure about the quality, but I got some black to try out for place mats.

Overall: Go for some notions. Maybe get some fabric in a bind. Check out the clearance fabrics for some hidden gems.

Warning! We often go to ‘look around’ or ‘buy a couple things’ and end up with big bags and leave $40 less. Where did that money go? No idea…

Money Matters: Cash or debit only

Location: 337 West Hastings Street, Vancouver – Downtown (Yes, somewhat sketchy for the folks from small towns or the burbs – you will probably see some junkies and you might be asked for change.) It is downtown so parking sucks, but I only take public transit. It is right on the 20 busline (or any of the other many buses down Hastings). I usually walk from Stadium skytrain station which takes about 7 minutes. You could easily walk from Waterfront or Burrard as well.

Hours: 9am – 5:15pm, closed Sundays.

Work through the pain.

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