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I got my first sewing commission to make a size 2 bird dress. The first bird dress was my first dress. I can definitely see the improvement in my sewing skills! This time I put green binding tape around the arm holes instead of a tiny rolled hem.

Bird Dress 2.0

I still really like the acorn buttons. I think I might have to buy more just in case I need to make another bird dress.

Bird Dress 2.0 Buttons

I still love love love french seams! I used them for all the dresses I have made and I don’t plan to stop!

Bird Dress - French Seams

I don’t have a serger so the quick alternative is a zig-zag stitch. I did use that for the seams in the diaper cover because they only touch the diaper, not any skin. The only downside (besides taking extra time) I have found for french seams is the extra bulk created when hemming. A better sewing machine wouldn’t notice the extra thickness, but mine is very basic.

Bird Dress Progress

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It is coming along nicely even after the pattern scare. My printer printed the pattern a bit small. I guess you really should check the square to make sure it is an inch. Oops! I tweaked the sizing a bit so hopefully it will turn out a reasonable size. I was making size 3 but it might end up a 2/3.

Bird Dress – French Seams

Originally uploaded by craftytalk

I love french seams!

I am not very good with the zig-zag stitch and french seams only require straight stitching. It takes longer because you have to trim and press at the half way mark.

I think the effort is worth it.

Work through the pain.

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