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The babies came to visit! I turned over my stash of handmade clothes. The dresses are too big for baby, but the mushroom top and octo jacket were put to use.

Mushroom Shirt in Action

Here is 7 month old baby F rocking the size 2 mushroom top over a black onesie. Plenty of room to grow.

Mushroom Top

Chilling on the traffic quilt.

As expected, the 2 yr old was slightly harder to pin down for pictures. He put on the jacket and at first all I saw was…

the back!

the back!

See what finally slowed him down after the jump…

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Traffic Quilt with Binding

Originally uploaded by craftytalk

I finished binding the traffic quilt. My first completed quilt!

My first sewing machine adventure was making some kimonos for the niece (5 months) and nephew (2 yrs). I made the 12-24m size and the 3T size. Either my sister makes giant babies (true) or the sizing runs small.

Pattern by Habitual

When starting a project I like to listen the funky beats of Leslie Hall. My sewing machine zooms to the rhythm the smooth beats. I recommend Craft Talk and Tight Pants/Body Rolls. However, Body Rolls might set you back when you stop crafting to dance – not good when you have to work through the pain!

Work through the pain.

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