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I started my new job so I have been working the last month. My spare time has disappeared and been replaced with a pay cheque.

I did manage to finish off a baby quilt for my cousin who is having twins! They are supposed to be two girls. And yes, I knew they were girls when I picked out the fabrics. Why does everything for girls have to be pink? I don’t understand how blues and greens are for boys, they are the colours of nature.

I had it rolled/folded up so it is wrinkly in the pictures. I haven’t washed it yet but it will most likely get pretty crinkly when I do.

Quilt for Twin 1

It is a very simple pattern. The prints are Playday in Spring by SEI. Sashing is Kona Pacific. Binding is Kona Orange.

Quilt for Twin 1

I love looking at the quilts with neutral sashing and classy binding,  but I always end up far away from neutral!

Quilt for Twin 1

The backing is the elephants in rows on green used in the top quilt. The orientation for the quilt is reversed on the back.

Quilt for Twin 1

The quilting is just shadowed on either side of the seams down the columns. I didn’t have much time so it was a quick way to make it happen.

The last quilt I did had denser straight line quilting. I liked it but I found the drape strange. I also suspected less dense quilting is warmer.

Quilt for Twin 1

So now I have to make another. Oi. I have the prints cut out and that is it. I bought some extra white with the blue birds to use for sashing. I’m not sure how I can finish it in time because she is due in August. I am tempted to just make a couple of dresses, kimonos, softies or something small to go with the quilt. However, everyone says two quilts for twins.

I live in Vancouver, land of coffee culture. My stomping grounds have coffee shop after coffee shop. Freshly roasted, organic, fair trade, locally owned, chains. Everyone is after the perfect fix. The most common casual social visit seems to involve “going for coffee.” I don’t like coffee.

In fact, I HATE coffee! I don’t even like the smell. The worst taste in my mouth occurred the day I accidently took a sip of coffee instead of my hot chocolate. Nasty. And it lingered….

As coffee is such a social ritual here in Canada, I decided I needed a hot drink alternative – tea. I have always liked iced tea, but I am not a big fan of hot drinks. I like the tea ritual and drinking it socially, but I don’t think I will ever just make it for myself.

From drinking many pots of tea at Vietnamese restaurants, I discovered tea is best in a tiny cup! If you are drinking from a tiny cup, you will need a teapot. One evening I saw this fabric and knew I had to make a tea cosy!

Quilted Tea Cosy

my favorite side

I put together this tea cosy with a general idea of size and little else. I am not sure if this one is for myself or my sister. My sister is giving me a new teapot so I didn’t have anything to measure so I went on the larger side. The final opening ended up 11.5″ tall and 10.75″ wide at the bottom. It would be easy to modify the method for any teapot size. Next time I would use a smaller bottom strip of fabric.

Tea Cosy Lining

orange lining, hand sewn binding

How I did it…

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Traffic Quilt with Binding

Originally uploaded by craftytalk

I finished binding the traffic quilt. My first completed quilt!

My first machine sewn quilt is progressing nicely. I just need to sew on the binding. I quilted with my new walking foot, wonky lines at different spacings. The top quilt is very simple – nothing has to line up! So easy after all those triangles in my last quilt top.

Work through the pain.

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